Keely Berry-LeBlanc

Keely Berry-LeBlanc

Keely is a Southern California fiber artist who works with natural and found materials. Her works incorporate natural materials like raffia, pine needles, jute, gourds and found objects into forms with a playful, primitive feel.  Keely’s gourds are explorations of decorative motifs found in different cultures: henna patterns from India, African tribal patterns, and designs and patterns of her own creation. In a process not unlike making batik, wax is used to create patterns on the ornament or vessel. Dyes are applied to the waxed object, then the wax is melted, revealing a batik-like design. Keely is a graduate of The Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) with a degree in graphic design.

Danae Fasano Dehne

Gallery262EscondidoDanae is a ceramic artist specializing in functional and sculptural high fire thrown and hand built forms. Through the years, she has produced a body of work that is not only growing in size, but in presence.  She is currently exploring alternate glazing and firing methods and is completely drawn to the beauty of soda fire.  Her work includes a range of ceramics objects:  garden sculpture, covered jars, mugs, vases, serving bowls, cake and serving platters.  Besides being useful, aesthetically her pieces are beautiful and individual. She loves the feeling of being connected to the earth by a piece of pottery.


Cathy Carey

Gallery262Escondido-Cathy Carey-handmade jewelryCathy works in many mediums, her primary one being oil painting. Her Fine Art Necklaces (FANs) are found in galleries and museum shops. To make the FANs, she hand paints her collages of famous paintings, making the colors rich and vibrant with several layers of paint and metallics. She then embellishes them with beads and semi precious stones, Murano beads, beach glass, wood, ceramic, silver & gold findings that she has collected from her painting travels from all over the world. They are then varnished to be water resistant. Some of her designs include paintings by: Klimt, Monet, Van Gogh, Chagall, Picasso, and Frieda Kahlo to name a few.

Shant Beudjekian

Gallery 262 escondido

Shant is an artist working in clay and who has been greatly influenced and inspired by artists such as Claude Monet, Andre Derain, Vincent Van Gogh and the bold visual definitions of Pablo Picasso. The two integral qualities that were investigated during his time at Otis College of Art and Design were of form and space, as they became repetitively dealt with while apprenticing for artists. He also fulfilled an internship for one year at Rhode Island School of Design on the subject of Landscape Architecture. He has always had a drive to pursue art as his profession.